I have always had a desire to create and work with my hands. It began in the kitchen, where cooking was my raison d'etre. Naturally, some years later when I first picked up a camera, food was the subject of my initial photographic forays. Through the lens my world quickly expanded, far beyond the table top or the kitchen and revealed an infinite cache of images and moments.

 Shooting professionally for Australian Gourmet Traveller, VE+T, Delicious, Travel and Leisure as well as not for profits and private commissions, I am privileged to find myself amongst rich and inspirational imagery. From sunrises in the Aeolian Islands, heat and dust of Tanzania to the bustle of Tokyo.

 With the onset of the digital age and the "cloud" most images sit floating in the abstract, waiting to become real again. Everyone with an iPhone is a photographer, and yet I believe the golden age of photography (particularly in regards to camera, film and printing) is actually behind us.

 It's with this in mind I’ve compiled these pictures - specifically for printing and framing - so once again they can live and breathe, be admired, critiqued or simply to hang on a wall and be part of the world again.