Izakaya TEMPorary - March 31st - 18.00 sitting

Izakaya TEMPorary - March 31st - 18.00 sitting

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Welcome to Izakaya TEMPorary!

Lilly Trewartha and team are very happy to welcome you to our temporary izakaya! 2020 has been a year of obvious challenges and due to them we have Lilly back in Tassie.

Destined to take over at P Franco in London's East End with a Tokyo twist the concept heads to West Hobart where she will be joined by former colleagues Luke Burgess & Ashley Thomas.

And so, we'd like to offer you a brief, but nostalgic trip to Japan with some classics, some new ideas and bits in between focusing on what the season gives us. We look forward to seeing you at Izakaya TEMPorary!


Please include your phone number and dietary requirements for the booking

Venue: Templo (98 Patrick St, Hobart)

Each sitting is 16 seats for a duration of 2 hours.  2 sittings per evening.

The largest table we accommodate is 4 seats. 

$90 is for food only. Drinks can be purchased on the night.

Please email us if you have dietaries. We will verify if it's possible to accommodate your requirements.

Please note, we do not have a vegan option.